Graduation Sets

Graduation Sets

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Each of your kindergarten graduates will look as good as gold in this Kindergarten Graduation Award Set. The convenient grad set includes all the grad gear and gifts your young graduates need for their big day. The set includes the certificate shown, your choice of medallion with neck ribbon, stock sash in your choice of color, shiny gold cap, shiny gold gown, and gold tassel with brass charm.

Product Includes:
  • Certificate
  • Medallion with Neck Ribbon
  • Cap
  • Gown
  • Stock Sash
  • Tassel with brass charm
Small fits 3' - 3'9", Medium fits 3'10" - 4'1", Large fits 4'2" - 4'5", X Large fits 4'6" - 4'9". Children should be measured with shoes on.
Order Quantity
Gold Shiny Gown
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Gold XL Shiny Grad Gown

    Small Quantity
    Medium Quantity
    Large Quantity
    Gold XL Shiny Grad Gown QuantityNot available.Out of Stock
Pick Your Tassel Colors
  • 2018 Charm and Tassel
Kindergarten Grad Sash - Pick Your Colors
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Gold

    Blue Quantity
    Purple Quantity
    Red Quantity
    Gold Quantity
Pick Your Neck Ribbon Color
  • Neck Rbbn Blk/Gld 32"
  • Neck Rbbn Blk/Org 32"
  • Neck Rbbn Blu/Gld 32"
  • Neck Rbbn Blue 32"
  • Neck Rbbn Blu/Wht 32"
  • Neck Rbbn Flag/Stars/Strps
  • Neck Rbbn Gold 32"
  • Neck Rbbn Grn/Gld 32"
  • Neck Rbbn Green 32"
  • Neck Rbbn Grn/Wht 32"
  • Neck Rbbn Mar/Gld 32"
  • Neck Rbbn Maroon 32"
  • Neck Rbbn Pur/Gld 32"
  • Neck Rbbn Purple 32"
  • Neck Rbbn Red/Wht 32"
  • Neck Rbbn Red 32"
  • Neck Rbbn Rainbow 32"
  • Neck Rbbn R/W/B 32"
  • Neck Rbbn White 32"

    Neck Rbbn Blk/Gld 32" Quantity
    Neck Rbbn Blk/Org 32" Quantity
    Neck Rbbn Blu/Gld 32" Quantity
    Neck Rbbn Blue 32" Quantity
    Neck Rbbn Blu/Wht 32" Quantity
    Neck Rbbn Flag/Stars/Strps Quantity
    Neck Rbbn Gold 32" Quantity
    Neck Rbbn Grn/Gld 32" Quantity
    Neck Rbbn Green 32" Quantity
    Neck Rbbn Grn/Wht 32" Quantity
    Neck Rbbn Mar/Gld 32" Quantity
    Neck Rbbn Maroon 32" Quantity
    Neck Rbbn Pur/Gld 32" Quantity
    Neck Rbbn Purple 32" Quantity
    Neck Rbbn Red/Wht 32" Quantity
    Neck Rbbn Red 32" Quantity
    Neck Rbbn Rainbow 32" QuantityNot available.Out of Stock
    Neck Rbbn R/W/B 32" Quantity
    Neck Rbbn White 32" Quantity
Kindergarten Medallion
  • Mdln, Kindergrtn Grad/Kids
  • Glit Mdln, Kndrgrtn Grad/Hn
  • Mdln, I Grad Kndrg-Bear
  • Glit Mdln Owl, Kindrg Grad
  • Mdln, Boy Grad Kndrgtn
  • Mdln, Girl Grad Kndrgrtn
  • Monster Mdln-I Grad Kndrgrt
  • Star Mdln, Graduate

    Mdln, Kindergrtn Grad/Kids Quantity
    Glit Mdln, Kndrgrtn Grad/Hn Quantity
    Mdln, I Grad Kndrg-Bear Quantity
    Glit Mdln Owl, Kindrg Grad QuantityNot available.Out of Stock
    Mdln, Boy Grad Kndrgtn Quantity
    Mdln, Girl Grad Kndrgrtn QuantityNot available.Out of Stock
    Monster Mdln-I Grad Kndrgrt Quantity
    Star Mdln, Graduate Quantity
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